S.T.A.R. GramsSavings Account

Save smart,
save gold, platinum & silver

Buy precious metals to protect against inflation
whenever you think the price is right.

Gold bar
Super low premium from ∞%
100% backed with physical gold, platinum & silver, safe, simple and transparent.
Backed by Singapore's most trusted gold firmsSilver BullionAspial
Historically gold gained...on average per year since 1970

Always fully backed by the real thing!

  • Owned & real-time tracked

    Owned & real-time tracked

    Our S.T.A.R. Gold, Platinum & Silver Grams represent your fractional ownership of fully insured and allocated investment grade bullion stored in our vault and not on our balance sheet.

  • Flexible and fungible

    Flexible and fungible

    Buy and sell S.T.A.R. Grams in exact amounts of gold, platinum & silver grams or for exact amounts of dollars and cents supporting eight major currencies.

  • Always valued at spot price

    Always valued at spot price

    Our S.T.A.R. Grams can be sold back to us at the internationally traded spot price or used to pay for any other Silver Bullion product or service, including to take delivery of gold, silver or platinum inventory.

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    Because our S.T.A.R. Grams are always valued at spot, there is no sellback fee. S.T.A.R. Grams can be acquired for super low premiums from ∞% over spot. Check our fees

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Gold performs when other investments slack

As gold is uncorrelated to other major asset classes, it adds stability to any investment portfolio.

2001 - 2021
Source: URA Property Index, Standard and Poor's Financial Services LLC, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd

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  • Instant liquidity

    Instant liquidity 24/7

    Buy, sell, store, stack and trade gold, platinum & silver right from your phone and around the clock starting at 0.01g of gold and up to $200.000 per day.

  • Licensed dealer

    Licensed precious metals dealer

    Regulated by the Singapore Ministry of Law for the purpose of AML & CFT (License number PS20190001043)

  • Easy transactions

    Major currency support

    Use PayNow, bank transfer or credit card to deposit and enjoy one-workday withdrawals to your registered bank account.

  • Secured connection

    Latest 2048 bit encryption

    Using the latest technology and data privacy processes to safe-keep your account.

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